X-Ratio Ai

Our Identity

X-Ratio Ai - A Leading SocialFi Platform

Revolutionizing SocialFi, this innovative project is designed to empower and reward users who are actively engaged within the X community. By harnessing the power of decentralized finance (DeFi), $XRAI aims to incentivize participation and foster a vibrant ecosystem where users are duly recognized for their contributions.

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Engage with our project ticker on Twitter and earn redeemable points! This innovative initiative encourages active participation and interaction with our project's updates and discussions on the popular social media platform.

Mass Exposure

Our project is poised to achieve mass exposure on a grand scale. Through strategic initiatives and innovative marketing tactics, we're gearing up to captivate widespread attention and reach audiences far and wide.

Revenue Share

Revenue sharing through our Telegram AI bot. This groundbreaking feature allows us to distribute a portion of the fees collected from other projects utilizing our bot back to our valued users.

About Us

dApp Features

Aspect X-Ratio Ai Similar Projects
Cheaper Fees Cheaper than similar projects YES
Native Yield YES NO
Shares Fees Revenue YES NO
Incentives 5x More substantial Limited
Incentive Tiers 5 1
Access to Your tokens Immediate Immediate
Reward Redemption Immediate No rewards


Info Percent
Liquidity 75%
Token Staking & Rewards 25%

Our Features

Empowering Possibilities: Key Features of X-Ratio Ai

Staking Program

Offering attractive Annual Percentage Yields (APY) for participants. By staking our tokens, holders can earn generous rewards while actively supporting the network's integrity and growth.

Ai Integration

This transformative upgrade will revolutionize the capabilities of our bot, enabling it to offer more intelligent and responsive interactions with users.

Redeemable Points

This innovative system not only rewards engagement but also provides tangible value to our users. By redeeming points for our token, participants can unlock various benefits within our ecosystem, fostering a stronger sense of community involvement and loyalty.

Easy Access

X-Ratio Ai expanding our presence across multiple platforms to ensure universal accessibility for all users! With this strategic move, we're making it easier than ever for everyone to engage with our platform effortlessly.

About Us

Roadmap & Next Steps

Fair Launch on Uniswap

Crypto Platforms Listings

X-Ratio Ai dApp Release

Marketing Campaigns

Token staking


Telegram Ai Bot Release

Browser Extension Release

Press Release

Community Growth